In this category you will find our leather driver gloves. Great for heavy or light duty work, drivers, industrial workplace, construction, warehouse duties and equipment operators. Our driver gloves come in a variety of leather including cowhide, deerskin, goatskin, gemsbok, elk and pigskin leather.

Types of Driver Gloves

  • Cowhide Drivers: Most commonly used because of availability and durability.
  • Deerskin Drivers: High flexibility and soft, dries soft. (This is the best)
  • Pigskin Drivers: Economical price, dries soft (depending on tanning)
  • Elkskin Drivers: Soft and tough, dries soft.
  • Goatskin Drivers: High wear resistance comparatively, flexible. 
  • Gemsbok Drivers: From the deer family, soft and an economical price.
  • Camel Hide Drivers: High wear resistance and soft. Wear all day long without being thirsty.

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