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Majestic 3406NK Cotton Canvas Gloves (DOZEN)


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Cotton Hot Mill Gloves 3406NK 18oz Nap In, Knit Wrist by Majestic Glove

Hot mill gloves are used to handle objects with low to high temperatures. They are similar to heat resistant gloves, but are designed for light duty or residental use. Each glove has it's own heat resistance capacity. Hot mill gloves allow comfort and breathablity in general purpose and applications requiring variable heat protection.

Napping is the pulling-up of fibers from the base weave resulting in a fuzzy, raised surface. Nap-In or Nap-Out refers to the direction of the napping, either facing inside or outside. Although the fabrics are equally popular, Nap-In fabric outwears Nap-Out by providing greater abrasion resistance. Nap-Out styles are normally used in hot applications. Nap-In styles are normally used when abrasion is a concern.

Glove Features:

  • Cotton
  • 18 Ounce
  • Nap In
  • No Knuckle Strap
  • Knit Wrist

Ideal Uses:

  • General purpose applications that requiring moderate heat protection

Sizes: Large Only. Sold per DOZEN Pair Per Size.