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Majestic 34-1350 Cut Resistant Gloves Dyneema Latex Palm Cut 3 (DOZEN)


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Cut Resistant Gloves Cut Level 3 34-1350 CUT-LESS Dyneema Knit, Black Rubber Palm Coated by Majestic Glove

Gloves only work if people wear them. These gloves are strong and tough, yet comfortable, cool and lightweight. You will love to wear these gloves! Cut resistant gloves provide protection against sharp objects such as blades, metals and glass. Dyneema gloves naturally mold to your hand making them very comfortable and help reduce injuries. Dyneema is pound for pound, 15 times stronger than steel. Even though these gloves are resistant to many chemicals and ultraviolet light, you can still easily wash them. They are more durable than polyester and 40% stronger than Aramid fibers. Dyneema gloves are generally coated to allow for better grip and abrasion resistance.

Glove Features:

  • Dyneema Continuous Fiber (Filament Yarn)
  • Black rubber latex palm coated
  • Certified by PPG
  • Color coded hem
  • Cut Resistance Equivalent to Kevlar with Ten Times Greater Abrasion Resistance
  • Dyneema is Chemically Inert
  • EN Cut Level 3
    • ANSI (U.S.) and EN (European) cut resistant tests are not the same and the resulting Cut Level ratings can be easily misunderstood. For both tests a higher rating means a higher cut resistance number (1 thru 5) but it's very important to compare gloves using the same standard. An EN Cut Level 3 rating could be an ANSI Cut Level 2. Most U.S. companies currently use the EN standard as does Majestic in this Product Guide.

    Ideal Uses:

    • General purpose applications that require greater dexterity
    • Manufacturing
    • Material handling
    • Industrial workplace
    • Equipment operators

    Sizes: XS-XXL. Sold per DOZEN Pair Per Size.